Music News: Bryan Adams, Slipknot and System Of A Down

  • Bryan Adams set to tour
  • A huge metal festival will return
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You wanted loud music and you will get more loud music with the return of 1980s superstar Bryan Adams. OK, that was a bit of a joke. But more on the loud music in just a minute. If you are a Bryan Adams fan, though, you are going to be really happy with some news he is going out on the road (and planes and trains - he is going on a global tour, see).

Bryan Adams is calling his tour "So Happy It Hurts." It's good that he is taking a humorous approach to the gigs and Adams hasn't been relevant for many years now. That is meant as no disrespect to Adams as he has had a pretty good career. He has reportedly sold as much as 100 million records and that's 100 million more than I have.

Adams also has a net worth of a reported $75 million. The music industry has treated him well. And he has about $74,999,001 more than I do.

Bryan Adams tours, Slipknot and System Of A Down headline a 2024 festival

But I might just have enough to buy a ticket to a Bryan Adams show. His tour kicks off in Dubai on November 4 and is currently set to finish in Belfast in May. There very likely could be more dates added for the one-time Grammy Award winner, plus 20-time Juno Award, three-time Academy Award, and five-time Golden Globe Award nominee.

If you like your music a lot heavier and you really want to go to Las Vegas, you are in luck. The Sick New World festival will return for a second-straight year in 2024. The festival will take place on April 27 next year at the Las Vegas Festival Grounds.

System Of A Down and Slipknot will be the headliners, and will be joined by such acts as A Perfect Circle, Primus, Lamb of God, and Ray Parker, Jr. (Admittedly, the last name there is a bit of a joke. Sorry!) But get ready to book your hotel room and get your tickets because the festival should be amazing.

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