Music news: Ciara collabs with Chris Brown, Grimes knows her NFTs

Ciara is making new music! And Grimes is getting richer!
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Canadian recording artist Grimes is an extremely smart person financially. NFTs (non-fungible tokens) are no joke, either. But a person has to understand them in order to put them to great use. Turns out that Grimes, whose name is Claire Boucher, has made more money by selling NFTs than in her entire music career.

Grimes, along with her brother, Mac Boucher, basically fused Grimes AI-voice software with some fantastic art and created the WarNymph collection. In March of 2021, Grimes put the collection up for auction and made a cool $5.8 million in about 20 minutes. The collection was mostly sold piece-by-piece and not as a whole and this likely generated more revenue.

All of that is basically old news, but what isn't is that Grimes has recently made the statement about how she has earned more from that NFT sale than she has from making music. She is clearly on the edge of how to use technology as well as she has invited fans to use AI to remake her voice to create their own music. For this, she offered a 50/50 split on any potential royalties. That's pretty cool stuff.

Grimes know technology and Ciara makes lots of new things

For other cool stuff, look no further than Ciara. In an interview with Billboard, the musical artist spoke about her new collaboration with Chris Brown, "How We Roll." Turns out, the song was really meant to drop the news that the singer is pregnant with her third child with NFL quarterback Russell Wilson. Ciara also has an older child as well.

Some of the words to "How We Roll" include, "You look at me like that again, we make another kid/You my heart, I'm your rib." I guess however Wilson looked at her led to Ciara's pregnancy. Who knows?

Ciara also will be starring in the musical version of a remake of "The Color Purple." The film comes out on Christmas day this year. So Ciara is busy in many ways, it seems.

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