Music News: Dolly Parton, Avril Lavigne, Pixies and Justin Timberlake

A lot of touring, a new song, and a bad performance.
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Music news for Wednesday is a mix of good and bad. The bad won't exactly change your life, however. Do not worry; no one has died, at least no one involved in this music news piece. We do have a lot of tour news as well, so let's start there.

Avril Lavigne will be doing a "Greatest Hits" tour and will be joined by All Time Low and Simple Plan. The Canadian artist has not produced a lot of hits recently, but in the 1990s she was extremely popular. She has never quite left the public eye, however.

Lavigne announced the tour on Instagram. Part of the post included that Simple Plan toured with Lavigne on her first tour which seems like it was about 300 years ago. But that was entertaining, so hopefully this new 27-city tour will be as well.

Music news includes a bunch of tours and Elle King disrespecting Dolly Parton

The Pixies are also going to tour in 2024, and to make things better, they will co-headline the shows with Modest Mouse. Even the opener, Cat Power, is amazing. This might be the best and most underrated tour of the year. You may have seen this same trio tour together in 2023, however, but why not see them again?

I have seen the Pixies a number of times. What makes their shows so good is, well...the songs, of course. But they are also non-stop from the first tune to the last. Watching the Pixies is an adrenaline rush. Pre-sale tickets go on sale on Thursday, January 25.

In other good news, Justin Timberlake had already teased a new single called, "Selfish," but now we know when the single will be released, according to Billboard. And we will not have to wait long as the track will be released on Thursday, January 25.

Lyrics to the song include, "So if I get jealous, I can’t help it/I want every bit of you, I guess I’m selfish." Just don't consider yourself selfish for waking up early on Thursday to listen to the track.

In unfortunate news, singer Elle King was performing at the Grand Ole Opry this past Friday as part of a Dolly Parton Tribute concert. Parton's birthday was on Friday, but Dolly wasn't at the concert and instead was releasing a deluxe edition of her latest album, Rockstar. Dolly Parton is all class, of course, but even she might have been miffed at Elle King.

King apparently was intoxicated for the show and then forgot the words to Parton's hit, "Marry Me." King apologized, drunkenly, to the crowd, but it was too late. Good luck on the rest of your career, Elle King!

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