Music News: Ed Sheeran, Sleater-Kinney, Kelsey Grammar and Frasier

  • Ed Sheeran gets serenaded by who?
  • An icon release new music
  • And a familiar theme song gets the redux treatment
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Ed Sheeran seems like a jovial and nice chap, so why should people not like him, right? I mean, you don't have to love his music, but it is OK if you do. And Sheeran himself knows he won't please all of the people all of the time but is fine with making some people happy most of the time. Oh, and Sheeran is a football fan too and that should be mentioned for our purposes here.

See, Sheeran attended a match between his hometown team, Ipswich, and Hull earlier this week. (For the record, Ipswich defeated Hull 3-0, so good for them.) Sheeran was so pleased he went down to the Ipswich locker room after the match to celebrate with the team.

To the seeming surprise of Sheeran, the team decided to serenade him with a version of "Perfect." He appeared humbly considerate of the signing, too. Maybe he is just a regular bloke like the rest of us, after all.

Ed Sheeran has a soccer team sing to him, Sleater-Kinney release new music

Sleater-Kinney, rock icon and most excellent band, is set to release a new album, produced by the fantastic John Congleton, in early 2024 called Little Rope. They will also be touring behind the album as well next year. The band is reportedly partly inspired by the deaths of band member Carrie Brownstein's mother and step-father who passed away in a car accident in Italy in 2022.

The band has put out the first video from the album to a song called, "Hell." Sonically, the track is brilliant. The video is in black and white to reveal the starkness of the lyrics.

Kelsey Grammar is back to his singing ways on revamped "Frasier"

Because TV and/or streaming services many times look to the past for new ideas, CBS is bringing back "Frasier" to stream on Paramount+. The show began on NBC initially and ran until 2004. Turns out Kelsey Grammar wanted to get the cast, as much as possible, to return, though the actors who played Niles and Daphne, David Hyde Pierce and Jane Leeves, declined to return.

My point here is that the Grammar is also signing the new theme song. He sang the old one, too, of course, but the new show can't use the exact song from two decades ago because it would sound stodgy. And while the show might be rubbish, Grammar sounds pretty good on the revamped song.

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