Music News: INXS, Bandcamp and Pitchfork Festival

  • Surviving INXS members reunite for a short time
  • Bandcamp has lay offs
  • 2024 Pitchfork Festival location

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The original members of INXS, at least most of the group that included Michael Hutchence, had not gotten together publicly since 2017. That recently changed, however, as the group got together to celebrate a bunch of things that INXS fans are sure to be happy about. Turns out that while the group will, unfortunately, never have Hutchence front and center again, there is a new INXS book forthcoming - a 400-page opus - that will have photos of the band over the last 40 years.

The photos, of course, will include Hutchence who helped the group rise from western Australia in the early 1980s to a global presence. INXS had six top-10 albums in the UK and five top-20 albums in the United States. They also won a BRIT award and are in the ARIA Hall of Fame. I saw INXS is the late 1980s and they were excellent, but Hutchence's energy cannot really be replaced even as good as the other members of the band are.

That's OK, too, because the band will release a number of remixes soon. This includes a collection of nine limited edition 12-inch vinyls that will feature remixes of songs like "Listen Like Thieves" and "Need You Tonight." In other words, if you are an INXS fan, you'll need to buy the entire collection.

INXS, the Pitchfork Festival and Bandcamp are all in the Thursday news

If you work for Bandcamp, I'm sorry. Maybe. Turns out that after the info site was purchased by Songtradr that Bandcamp laid off half of its staff. Such is the sad way of the world. The higher-ups make a bunch of money in mergers or sales while the lower staff likely will have to find new employment.

According to the Guardian, Bandcamp, which was a great way for finding indie artists and where they might be performing soon, sold out to the music licensing company. Sold out being the right words for those being laid off.

Finally, if you were planning on going to the Pitchfork Festival in 2024, you know now where you will be going. The festival will be held from March 6 through 9 and will be at various venues in Mexico City, Mexico (I mean, what did you expect? Mexico City, Netherlands?). The acts involved in the festival haven't been named yet, but because it's Pitchfork, the musical artists should be excellent.

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