Music News: The Killers, Mariah Carey, BTS and Jung Kook

  • A greatest hits album will arrive soon
  • Christmas queen working on new music
  • A solo album from one of the world's biggest bands
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The Killers previously stated there would be no new album coming out after new singles, "Boy" and "Your Side of Town" were released. The band had earlier hinted that maybe there would be a new album coming out as early as 2024, but that isn't going to happen. Instead, you'll get something else you might not need.

The Killers put a greatest hits album, Direct Hits, in 2013. Greatest hits albums are a bit weird and very much a money grab. Almost like a band saying, "Most of the songs on our albums stunk but some were pretty good and now we have put them on one album for you!" With streaming services the way they are, you can just pick and choose songs you want to hear so greatest hits albums seem redundant.

Either way, the Killers are about to release another greatest hits album you probably don't want. The album will work through the band's best-known songs chronologically from its debut album Hot Fuss through 2021's Pressure Machine. Newer singles "Boy," "Your Side of Town," and yet-to-be-released "Spirit" will also be on the album, titled Rebel Diamonds, which will be released just in time for Christmas on December 8.

The Killers want to great hits you again and Jungkook talks new album

BTS' Jung Kook released his debut solo album, Golden, this past weekend. There had been several releases off the record already, so one kind of got an idea about what they were going to be in for. Either way, BTS' fanbase, called ARMY, were going to snatch up Golden. According to the website Soompi, the album sold over 2 million copies on its date of release.

But Jungkook told British GQ in an answer to the question of which song on the album was most difficult and one that was meaningful,

" "The song that I most struggled with and is particularly meaningful to me is 'Standing Next to You' soon as I heard the song, I could picture myself on stage performing [it]. The recording process was not easy, so it's particularly memorable, too. It was so tiring that I did feel my soul almost leaving my body, but the process in itself was extremely fun. I think this will also be the one song ARMY are most amazed by."

Jung Kook

So, well...there you go. Enjoy the album as I know you must already have it.

Mariah Carey working on new music

Finally, Mariah Carey, Queen of Christmas, is working a new album. There is no release date, though. According to an interview with TV show Good Morning America, Carey has been writing songs for several weeks. She also is working on recording some of the new tunes.

So you might not have new Mariah Carey music before Christmas, but maybe sometime in early 2024. Her most recent album was 2018's Caution. So maybe six years later, a new album will emerge.

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