Music News: Misfits, Slipknot and Shane MacGowan

Music festival news and the cause of death for an icon.
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Shane MacGowan, leader of the iconic band, the Pogues, passed away last week as most know by now. He had been in poor health since at least December of 2022, and he had recently been released from the hospital where he was being treated for an infection. He was hospitalized last December due to viral encephalitis. This week, MacGowan's wife, Victoria Mary Clarke, revealed that MacGowan's cause of death was pneumonia.

Shane MacGowan's funeral service is set for Friday and part of the service will include a procession of MacGowan's body to Dublin from Nenagh in County Tipperary, Ireland. The funeral itself will be held in Dublin's St. Mary of the Rosary Church. Some of those expected to be at the service are Bono of U2 and Irish President Michael Higgins.

Unfortunately, 2023 has not been kind to Irish music. Prior to MacGowan's death in November, Sinead O'Connor passed away on July 26. No cause of death was given at the time for O'Connor's death. She had been dealing with various medical issues over recent years, including some mental health concerns as well.

A 2024 music fest is must-see and Shane MacGowan's cause of death revealed

In happier news, if you live in the United States and still plan to be there in May of 2024, there is a fantastic music festival in Columbus, Ohio you should try to attend. The Sonic Temple Fest will take place from May 15 through 19 at the Crew Stadium. The festival is a four-day event featuring some of the bigger names in metal and punk.

Thursday will be headlined by Disturbed and Evanescence, but Judas Priest, among many others, will play on that day as well. The original members of the Misfits will come together to headline Friday's slate. Saturday is headlined by Pantera, so if you consider yourself having good taste you might skip that day. Slipknot is featured on Sunday.

Some other bands you don't want to miss over the four days are Sleep Token, Rise Against, and Code Organe, but there are tons to choose from. Passes for the festival go on sale on Friday. Maybe a nice Christmas or Hanukkah gift?

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