Music News: Mumford and Sons, Madonna, and NSYNC

  • Mumford and Sons play a new song
  • NSYNC chart again
  • Madonna is going to sing out of the arena
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By this point you are probably missing Mumford and Sons, right? They haven't released a new song since 2020. Of course, the world was forced to shut down for some time due to the COVID pandemic and maybe Marcus Mumford and his mates just didn't want to risk anything and get into the recording studio. Thankfully, for the most part, that time has passed.

Playing at Austin City Limits this past weekend, Mumford and Sons debuted their new single, "Maybe," with the help of rising-singer/songwriter Noah Kahan. There is no release date for the song, but one should hope that happens soon since the band is already playing it live and three years without new Mumford and Sons songs is three years too much for many people.

Kahan has been collaborating with tons of people lately. The list includes Post Malone, Kacey Musgraves, and others. Kahan's third album, Stick Season, which was released in 2022, has made him a bit of a star, it appears.

Mumford and Sons are close to being back and Madonna returns this weekend

As far as "Maybe," the song reportedly sounds like classic Mumford and Sons. Hopefully, a bit more like their first couple of albums which sounded different than anything else on the radio while having a familiar feeling as well. The band might even have a new album next year. If so, the record would be their first since Delta in 2018.

If you are looking for a musical artist signing a bunch of songs, though, look no further than Madonna. The icon's musical director for her new tour that kicks off this coming weekend told the BBC that the shows will include about 40 songs. Yeah...4...0. But there's a catch. Not all the songs will be played in their entirety. There could be a standard of about 25 songs for each concert with 20 or so songs interweaved among the full 25.

Price told the BBC, "That was the big challenge. In two hours, can you get all of it in? That's hard. But every great moment she's had, we took a bit of it."

NSYNC is back on the charts

If you are an NSYNC fan, you'll be happy with the news that their new song, "Better Place," hit the Billboard Hot 100 at number 25 this week. That is tied for the highest chart debut for a song and "Better Place" will likely rise higher. The track will be part of the soundtrack for the upcoming animated film, Trolls Band Together.

There is zero news that the band is making an album (appears you can "thank" the group's former record company for that not happening) or going out on tour. Anything is possible, though.

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