Music news: Nick Cave, Ice Nine Kills, and Ozzy Osbourne

Nick Cave says new album is almost finished, INK is releasing a book, and Ozzy gives an update on his health.
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If you are a fan of Ice Nine Kills, you probably know their shtick. They make excellent heavy metal many times based on horror movies. They also make little horror music videos based on the songs. Sounds campy, and to some degree it is, but that's part of the fun.

Adding to the fun, the band is set to release a new "true crime tragedy" based on the fictional murders committed by singer Spencer Charnas. If all that sounds a little weird, it is likely because you aren't a follower of the band that is creating its own cottage industry in the horror genre after originally making songs inspired by slasher films.

If you are interested in pre-order the book titled The Silver Scream (which is also the name of an INK album as well), you can do so here. Of course, the band made a short video of the book as well (because why not?). The band seems to be having fun so why shouldn't we too, right? And to be fair, I did see Ice Nine Kills live twice last year and they not only put on a good show but their songs are pretty decent too.

Ice Nine Kills writes a book, Nick Cave talks news album, and Ozzy has a filter removed

As far as the iconic Nick Cave and his group of Bad Seeds go, they have been working on an album for most of the year and it seems nearly ready for release. According to Cave's website, The Red Hand Files, he is back in the studio and taking a short break from the site to finish the record so he is taking a short break from the website and answering fans' comments and questions there.

The last true Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds was called Ghosteen and was released in 2019. There is nothing else that quite sounds like the Bad Seeds so any rumor of a new album is exciting. There's no release date for the currently unnamed record, but hopefully by the end of the year.

Ozzy Osbourne talks about recent medical procedure

Ozzy Osbourne has had more than his share of health problems over the recent years and has had to cancel a bunch of gigs because of it. He recently had to back out of headlining the Power Trip festival that is scheduled for October. Ozzy has been spotted with a cane in recent months, and he also battled COVID last year as well.

On his podcast, "Ozzy Speaks" on SiriusXM, the legendary singer stated he had a stint removed from his leg recently. The stint was in place to help with blood clots. This appears to be a good sign, so hopefully Ozzy will keep improving and living more of a normal life. Whatever "normal" means to Ozzy that is.

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