Music news: Wet Leg remix Depeche Mode, Liam talks Alex Turner

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In music news for your Sunday, Depeche Mode release a remix album with Wet Leg involved. Plus, Liam Gallagher talks about Alex Turner of the Arctic Monkeys (though you should know that).

Depeche Mode, as they are apt to do and this is a good thing, likes to put out remixes of their songs. They trust others to take their originals and remake them as they wish, keeping the original structure somewhat in place. On Friday remixes of their song "Wagging Tongue" off their latest album, Memento Mori, was released and features eight different artists doing their thing.

One of the tracks was remixed by Wet Leg. By now you should have listened multiple times to Wet Leg which is made up of Rhian Teasdale and Hester Chambers and who formed the band in 2019. Shame on you if you haven't heard the masterpiece that is "Chaise Longue."

Wet Leg, Depeche Mode, and Liam Gallagher are in your music news Sunday

They do an excellent remix of the Depeche Mode song as well. A fairly straightforward and bare-bones song from DM (still great, though) is fleshed out with vocals that are reverbed and pitch-changed. It's good enough for you to hear it below.

As far as Liam Gallagher, formerly of a little-known band called Oasis, he had some stuff to say about the Arctic Monkey's Alex Turner. But not about Turner's musical style, but more about his clothing preferences. Liam, you see, also is the founder of Pretty Green clothing line (which has a really cool concept, actually) so at least he has a right to speak his mind.

So Liam is good with Alex Turner wearing a suit on stage while he would not. That makes sense. If you ask me, however, I sweat way too much to wear some kind of suit under the bright lights. It'll just be gym shorts and a black T-shirt for me.

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