3 My Chemical Romance songs that make you remember how good they are

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My Chemical Romance - "Demolition Lovers", 2002

This song was recorded in May 2002 which was about seven months after the band formed. The song is from the album I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love which basically sets the tone for MCR albums to follow. Meaning, most albums have a theme throughout the album while not all of the albums are truly concept albums (Welcome to the Black Parade basically is, however).

"Demolition Lovers" begins a bit oddly. Intentionally, the song starts as if almost by mistake before the singer realizes he is being recorded and turns to his story. And the story of the song is about two people who fall in love, but cannot be together, are chased and then eventually die in a hail of bullets. A happy song? No. But bittersweet with an understanding that the two main characters would have likely made the same decision to be together if the same situation were repeated for infinity.

The song comes in at 6:06 which makes sense once you hear it. There are about three different songs within the one musically. There is enough anger and emotion to keep even the most unfeeling among us glued to the listen, and there is enough volume and bombast to make most fans of hard rock smile.

However, what makes this song great is that it could be played acoustically and still have the same level of happiness and grief. As far as the lyrics, the band would write better ones. Still, at the early stage of the band the words keep the throughline of what MCR is all about: No matter what, we will stick together and that's a good thing.