3 My Chemical Romance songs that make you remember how good they are

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My Chemical Romance - "Sleep", 2006

A song from The Black Parade has to be on this list, right? It might not be every MCR fan's most beloved album, but it likely their most well-known album among the general public. Besides that, though, it's really freaking good from start to end.

"Sleep" starts with a recording of Gerard Way talking about the night terrors he is having in real life, possibly brought on by the mansion that the band was staying at during the recording of the album. The mansion was supposedly haunted, if you believe in that kind of thing. While Way talks about his night terrors, a piano plays. When he's done talking, the music gets immediately loud as if the music itself is having a vision of terror.

The opening line of the sung part of the song, "Some say, now suffer all the children," could be a reference to the Smith's "Suffer Little Children" while verse two contains the line "Three cheers ofr tyranny" which a clear reference to the My Chem album that preceded The Black Parade. Both lines, as does the whole song, work.

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The final refrain of "Just sleep" sung over and over again is both voluminous and beautiful. Few bands have been able to combine these two elements together as consistently well as My Chemical Romance did. The band hasn't recorded a studio album since 2010 and seems unlikely to. That's the sad part as the world could use more My Chemical Romance music.