3 new rock bands you should be listening to at this very moment

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The philosopher Huey Lewis once said there are only two types of music: Good and bad. While rock music sonically and lyrically has the room to allow bands to be a bit more free compared to most other genres, trying to find a niche and some new sound is difficult. Again, though, just because the sound of an artist isn't unique doesn't mean it's bad.

Bands used to be made or broken by word-of-mouth. A new band on the scene could be one that doesn't last if they have a couple of bad gigs and people don't show up. That still happens to a degree, but more so record companies force bands upon the general public and those artists sink or swim based on sales.

That's not really what music is about, though, is it? Just because someone sells a lot of records doesn't truly make them artistically worthy. But the following three bands are worth your time.

Must listen No. 1: Gurriers

Ireland is producing a lot of great new bands, and Gurriers is among the best. They only have two songs out, but they are also have sold out a bunch of upcoming shows based on the strength of those singles. And if you look on Amazon Music, don't get this version of Gurriers confused with another band called The Gurriers (who put out an album in 2016) or you will be quite disappointed.

The song to start with, "Approachable," starts off a bit like "Sabotage" by the Beastie Boys (not a bad thing), but quickly turns into what sounds Joy Division on speed. While Gurriers is currently and most definitely in the post-punk subgenre, there is clearly a punk approach to the vocals and lyrics.