3 new rock bands you should be listening to at this very moment

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Must listen No. 2: Girl Scout

Sweden seems to rule at Eurovision most years, but Girl Scout is not your Eurovision-type band, nor would they likely want to be. It is odd to think of Girl Scout as heavily influenced by jazz, but that happens to be the case, especially with singer Emma Jansson. She toiled for years in the Stockholm jazz scene before helping form the band during the COVID pandemic shutdown.

Jansson and guitarist Viktor Spasov both played jazz shows until, due to the pandemic, there were none to play. The duo at times played Burt Bacharach at mixers to make money. Luckily for them and the rest of the world, Jansson and Spasov picked up two other members who were more into indie rock and the jazz of Jansson and Spasov morphed into more of a Belle and Sebastian feel.

While it would be a bit of a sonic shock to go from Gurriers to Girl Scout in one listen, both bands have merit. Feeling rage against the world, Gurriers is the band to listen to. Need to just chill and relax, go with Girl Scout. As unlike Gurriers, Girl Scout has an entire EP you can drive around listening to in your car.

Depending on how much you trust me, I would advise starting with "Weirdo." The music is lilting, while the vocals are a bit more rangy. The energy will give you a good idea of what Girl Scout is generally like. You won't regret it.