3 new rock bands you should be listening to at this very moment

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Must listen No. 3: Deijuvhs

If you have TikTok, you might have already heard of Deijuvhs. He had a song called "Seraphim" which blew up on the app. But that song alone doesn't tell his whole story. Deijvhs likes to mix up what he listens to and what he listens to appears to come out in what music he produces. That's a good thing because the music he puts out is really good.

Heck, even within the same song he sometimes mixes subgenres, like the near 80s New Wave feel early on "Sweet One" and then changing to more of a Tricky vibe in the last minute of the song. But Deijvhs pulls it off so effortlessly and cohesiveness that it all makes sense.

"Pipe Dreams" is still different than most things you will hear, but is solidly based in nu metal. There is enough space in the song to simply be rap, but when Deijvhs enters the heavier bass it makes for a sound that quite grand and unique.

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So getting back to what I was saying on page one of this article, while it is difficult to find a sound that is different, Deijvhs appears to have no difficulty with that. He might be chalenged if someone were to say, "Maybe you should make a song that is perfectly linear." But that would do a disservice to the artist and the rest of world.