3 new rock and metal tours coming soon to a city near you

These three tours are not to be missed later this year (and one in early 2024).
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You want to get a present for someone for the upcoming holidays? Why not get them a concert ticket to see their favorite band? Or new favorite band? Or just drag them along to see a band you like.

There are a bunch of new tours that have been announced over the last few weeks. Most of them will still take place this year so you'll need to be near your computer to get tickets quick. I guess consider this your warning.

So which tours do you need to see and when are they? Here are three suggestions. Good luck!


If you haven't listened to Bush in a number of decades, they still make pretty good music. And for the most part they have stayed true to what made them listenable in the first place. They play hard rock, and not metal, but Gavin Rossdale still believes every word he sings so the band comes off more genuine than they might otherwise.

The band sets out on November 14 in Orlando, Florida and finishes on December 8 in Indio, California. If you're not a Bush fan, the price of a ticket is likely still worth it. Bad Wolves is one of the openers and they are excellent live.

Pussy Riot - Riot Days

The band everyone knows from Russia is much more than just people on stage singing songs. Their concerts are more events with a great conceptual aspect. For your more fascist friends, you might not take them to the concert.

Pussy Riot starts in Montreal on November 1 and finishes in Brooklyn on December 8. If you live anywhere in North America, you must show up and support them. Plus on some dates the excellent Pinkshift will open, and that would be a can't-miss show.

Sevendust and Static-X

The biggest show in early 2024 is the combination of these two bands touring. All the shows will be in February for now and as there are no west coast dates, they could be added later. As of right now, the bands will work their way up from the American south to the midwest.

The bands will also have two supporting acts, Dope and Lines of Loyalty. But if you love metal, why would miss this? And if you live on the west coast, just get on a bus and head east.

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