Five New Wave albums you should not live without

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Number 1: Mirror Moves, Psychedelic Furs

The Furs had made their bones before this album came out in 1984. The original version of "Pretty in Pink" came out on 1981's Talk Talk Talk album. "Love My Way" was released off Forever Now in 1982 and remains one of the Furs most well-known songs. But while those singles were excellent in their own right, no album by the band had yet reached a linear stream from front to end.

Mirror Moves is a mixture of beauty, dance music, and scary sounds. "Alice's House" lyrics read like the end of The Shining. One is not truly sure what is going on, but one also likely knows they don't want to find out.

There are differences between this Furs albums and the ones that came before it. A big difference is the amount of space most of the songs have leaving room for the sometimes eerie sounds. Plus, Richard Butler's voice stands out even more due to the amount of air within the songs.

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Every song on the album is good, though "The Ghost in You" and "Heaven" are likely the most well-known songs. Both songs charted either in the UK or on Billboard. But this album is best left to multiple listens to it the first time you sit down and put the needle down on the record.