Nickelback is an oddly divisive band but their lead singer did not deserve this

The band's singer, Chad Kroeger, has had some recent vocal problems while on stage.
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You can love or hate Nickelback. There doesn't seem to be much middle ground. The Canadian pop-rock, or alternative-metal, or "post grunge," or whatever else you want to call them, group has sold millions of records and been made fun of about the same amount of times.

Are they so great to be a top-selling band or terrible enough to be chastised harshly? The answer to both questions is likely no. But at recent concerts, their fans deserved better and the band wanted the performances to be better. This issue was that singer Chad Kroeger's voice was giving out on him.

Kroeger might sing songs you don't like, but he is a capable singer. Normally. But after starting a gig in Maryland Heights, MO last week, Kroeger had to stop the show and explain that he had recently seen a doctor to receive a steroid for an unknown condition. He didn't feel his vocal performance was up to his standards and he almost canceled the show from there on out.

Nickelback battles through a 15-song set after singer has an issue

To give Kroeger his props, the reason he felt bad about his vocals wasn't for him but that he thought he sounded bad for the people who paid good money to buy tickets to show up and watch the band. As Kroeger said, "I can't do this. I cannot sit here with a f*****g absolutely destroyed throat and try to make it through this show and pretend like there's nothing f*****g wrong and take your f*****g money, 'cause that is wrong."

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After Kroeger got a hug from bandmate and brother, Mike, gave him a hug and guitarist Ryan Peake (jokingly) offered to take over vocals, Kroeger decided to keep going and Nickelback played a 15-song show. No one complained that he sounded bad, it appears. Again, say what you will about their music, but at least the band shows their appreciation for their fans.

Kroeger did have surgery for a vocal cyst in 2015, so he's probably hyper-aware of any potential problems he might have. Nickelback was able to play in Milwaukee after the Maryland Heights gig, though, and everything went fine. That should be good news for the rest of the tour if you plan on seeing the band on a tour that runs through October 5th.

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