Nine cover songs that match or even surpass the original

Cover songs that shine with excellence.
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Two more bits of excellence

Lyle Lovett - "Friend of the Devil"

Lovett and The Grateful Dead song seem to be a perfect fit. Lovett takes the original written by Jerry Garcia and New Riders of The Purple Sage’s John Dawson (lyrics by Robert Hunter) and substitutes the original’s folky/bluegrass mode into a more languid, country-style tune, never missing the spirit of the original.

Jimmy Page and Robert Plant - "Kashmir"

Does this version qualify as a cover? Well, actually it should.

The original was written by Led Zeppelin’s late great drummer John Bonham and while both Page and Plant played or sang the original too, this version was recorded live in the studio for the "MTV Unplugged" series (1993) and then appeared on the duo’s No Quarter album (1994).

And while here it's only the two of them as the original members of the band, this version includes the presence of The Cairo Symphony Orchestra that gives this version a full Oriental and ethereal feel, along with a brilliant Page/Plant guitar/vocal interplay.

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