Omega X shares a live video clip of their new song, Dream

OMEGA X(오메가엑스) 'WHAT'S GOIN’ ON' Official MV
OMEGA X(오메가엑스) 'WHAT'S GOIN’ ON' Official MV / OMEGA X

This just in, Omega X is back at it again.

With their return, the K-pop boy band has been making huge waves this year. Moreover, they recently starred in a brand new teen drama series titled A Shoulder to Cry On this March with a handful of the group's latest compositions being included in its official soundtrack. Come Together, You, Again, and Comfort were all featured in the roundup, but the song of choice for today's article wasn't.

Not long after the series, Omega X released another song titled Dream; a track which serves as a passionate ode to their fans and supporters. Though they initially debut the record at the 2023 Hanteo Music Awards, it wouldn't be officially released until April of this year to a critically acclaimed reception from their fanatics.

In addition to its release, Omega X shared a live clip video version of the song on YouTube that you can check out below.

The 11-member squad and Spire Entertainment recently came to terms with ending their exclusive contract agreement after a bit of a dispute between the two parties.

The group took to Instagram to explain what transpired:

"After long and careful discussions with former agency Spire Entertainment, Omega X [and the agency] have mutually agreed to end its exclusive contract, and will make efforts to the development of K-pop on each party’s positions. We thank everyone who trusted and worried about Omega X and Omega X plans to continue working with its current manager, which the boy band had worked with before its debut. We will return with good music and more growth."

Omega X

With Spire no longer in the picture, the band looks to continue their path to success in the music industry after a spectacular start.

Be sure to stream their latest song Dream on Spotify whilst anticipating what they have in store next.