One hit wonders that changed the game in the 2000s

As the old saying goes….on hit is better that no hit….
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Coming from someone who became a teenager during this time, the Y2K era was different! Glitter butterfly clips, LED name belts, Juicy Couture, trucker hats, baguette bags, jersey dresses, oversized white tees, studded paisley bandanas…what a time!

While fashion trends were spectacular during this time, what really stood out was the reemergence of “one-hit wonders."

The early 2000s brought a new wave of hits that we couldn’t wait to record on a blank tape if we heard it on the radio! Hop in the lime green Beetle buckle up and let’s take a trip down memory lane as we highlight some of the best one-hit wonders of the 2000s. 

2000s one-hit wonders that changed your world

“Get Over Yourself” – Eden’s Crush 

Let’s start off with one of those “what could’ve been” groups! Before there was American Idol, there was “Popstars”. On the then WB network, Popstars was a reality TV singing competition in search of forming the perfect girl band. Five girls were selected, and they dubbed themselves “Eden’s Crush”. “Get Over Yourself” was such a fun debut for the quintet. However, their fame was short-lived as they fell off the face of the earth after one hit. All but one that is…check the thumbnail out, and see a familiar “Pussycat Doll”??

“Move Ya Body” – Nina Sky

Beyonce featuring this song on the Renaissance Tour proves that it’s truly standing the test of time. Dancehall beats were making waves in the 2000s and there’s one song we couldn’t escape (that’s not a bad thing here). That song? “Move Ya Body”. Nina Sky (twins Natalie and Nicole Albino) released this hit in 2004 along with a super energetic music video.  Fans wanted more from this duo after this song made it big. Unfortunately, they could not top that one-hit success, but we appreciate them for dropping a song that’s still in heavy rotation today. 

"Hit 'Em Style (Oops)" - Blu Cantrell

We love a good “revenge” song and there’s not a song more perfect than “Hit ‘Em Up Style." Blu teaches us a valuable lesson here: when he cheats, don’t cheat back, just run up his credit at the mall! Charge it! Blu has such an incredible vocal talent, but it wasn’t enough to secure another hit. 

“Stacey’s Mom” – Fountains of Wayne

What do you do when you have a best friend who has a crush on your grandmother (true story)? You write and release a song about it. “Stacey’s Mom” is without a doubt one of the best songs of 2004! Imagine a crush turning into a top 20 hit and a Grammy nomination?? Genius!

“Pop, Lock & Drop It” – Huey 

A lot of Millennial girls’ knees are popping today, and you can thank this St. Louis classic from the late Huey. When it came to the 2000s, there was not a more impactful wave than the wave of St. Louis dances. Once that beat dropped, it was a wrap! Sadly, Huey didn’t have another hit after “Pop, Lock & Drop," but he cemented his legacy in the one-hit wonder Hall of Fame. 

“I Try” – Macy Gray

It's super hard to believe that “I Try” is the only hit that we were blessed with by the raspy yet unique voice of Ms. Macy Gray but it’s true sadly. Luckily we can hit play on this song and reminisce with this feel-good song! 

“A Thousand Miles” – Vanessa Carlton

You may have come across this song on “MTV Pop” or you may have discovered it while watching the cult classic “White Chicks”. Either way, Vanessa Carlton gave us a timeless classic that would make even the toughest man sing along to it in the car!! The song is free-spirited, it has an aura, and it’s happy, love and springtime all wrapped into one song! While Vanessa did have a successful follow song, it did not match the success of “A Thousand Miles." Admit it, you heard the piano intro reading this! 

“He Loves U Not” – Dream

Manufactured groups were a staple in the 2000s and they had one job: generating one-hit wonders. Dream was the epitome of teeny bop and they dropped what would go down in history as the only song you would hear at Claire’s or The Icing. This song was EVERYWHERE and there were high hopes for this quartet. Unfortunately with heavy competition like Destiny’s Child back then, it was hard to follow up. 

“Lean Back” – Terror Squad 

*whispers* 2004 may have been the best year for one-hit wonders! For all of those who were too macho to dance at the club, this song was tailor-made for you. Led by Fat Joe, “Lean Back” back was such a dope song to add to the mix. To top it off, it included a dance that still has us in a chokehold in 2024. Don’t dance? That’s cool, just pull up your pants and….you know the rest. 

“Who Let The Dogs Out” – Baha Men

Treading on thin ice with this one because while it’s easily one of the most annoying songs of all time, it was hard to deny how Baha Men were able to catch our attention with “Who Let the Dogs Out”. Most music lovers rejoiced knowing that this was their first and only hit. By the way, did you know the “dogs” they were referring to weren’t actual dogs?? Yeah...

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