Ozzy Osbourne delivers warning to good kids about delicious Death Dust

Ozzy has a message for all the kids out there. Not all things are worth boofing.
Ozzy Osbourne signs copies of an album
Ozzy Osbourne signs copies of an album / Scott Dudelson/GettyImages

Listen to your old pal, Ozzy Osbourne, kids. There are some things that shouldn't be boofed. Or boofuted. Whatever it is. No more boofing!

Before getting into the rest of this article, let us take a quick peek at what Ozzy's reported net worth is. Well, would you look at that? Looks like the prince of darkness is worth around $220 million. That would seem to be enough money where one does not have to pitch any kind of product that comes along.

But let's hold up just a second. If Ozzy Osbourne wants to make money selling Ozzy-flavored ice cream, why couldn't he? What is he going to do with all his money? Who knows? That is his issue.

Ozzy Osbourne should get a lot of free water after recent commercial with Liquid Death

Plus, as it concerns this article, Ozzy is in a recent commercial where he advises teenagers not to ingest a certain powder and the ad is both funny, classic Ozzy, and, to be fair, about a really tasty product. (And no, I am not getting paid by any company to write this article; the fact that FanSided pays me to write at all is a bit of a miracle, and likely a disservice to your brain.)

There are some questions about the commercial, though. The ad is for Liquid Death - a company that sells delicious water (yes, you read that correctly) - and their product line of powders one can add to water to increase electrolytes. The line is called Death Dust and it comes in all kinds of flavors that are all fantastic.

The slight issues arrive in the setting of the ad. Two teenage guys are about to use Death Dust in an alleyway with nothing much around when Ozzy pulls up in an SUV. Why is Ozzy there at all? That's the weird part. But at least he stops out of what he thinks is the kindness of his black heart.

Ozzy believes the teenagers are about to do drugs, and he says, "Death dust?... Take it from me, don’t snort that stuff! Whatever you do, don’t try freebasing it… and never ever inject it. And don't even think about boofing it. You little perverts." The funny part is that the kids seem to have no understanding of the slang Ozzy is using.

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Ozzy then goes on to try to explain what boofing is but is, rightfully, cut off.

Is it sad to see metal icons doing commercials about water-based drinks? Sure, but at least there is an irony to it. Plus, whoever wrote the ad for Liquid Death should get an A+ on their paper.

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