Ozzy Osbourne's greatest fear might surprise you

On a recent podcast, metal icon Ozzy Osbourne was asked to name his greatest fear.
What is Ozzy Osbourne's greatest fear?
What is Ozzy Osbourne's greatest fear? / Scott Dudelson/GettyImages

One might assume Ozzy Osbourne does not fear much. First of all, he has been successful enough and, well...bitten the head off of live bats, one might wonder if he is even in his right mind to understand what fear is. But some of that is schtick. Osbourne is human, after all, we can assume, so there have to be some things he is scared of.

The topic came up recently on an episode of the Prince of Darkness's podcast, The Osbournes. Ozzy's son, Jack, daughter, Kelly, wife, Sharon, and Ozzy himself all needed to take a turn to name their greatest fear. Ozzy decided to go first, somewhat sadly, because the anticipation of his answer would have been palpable.

Ozzy's answer was not "bats." That would have been silly and meaningless. He might not love bats, but he clearly is not afraid to touch one. In 1982, in Iowa, of all places, Osbourne was on stage and bit the head off of some poor bat. Hopefully, Osbourne was nearly immediately getting a rabies shot after the incident, but he seems relatively OK now.

Ozzy Osbourne might seem fearless but he admits he is not

Instead, Osbourne gave two responses to his greatest fear. One, Osbourne seemingly joked, was his wife and manager, Sharon Osbourne. The other was what some people say are bats without wings: Rats. Rats seems like an odd answer for Ozzy. Why would someone who bites bats be scared of rats?

As far as his answer of Sharon, Kelly Osbourne rightfully called her father out for saying her mother. Likely, Ozzy was only making fun, but as Ozzy's sense of humor is so dry, one might not know if he was joking or not.

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For the record, Sharon Osbourne's answer was "heights" and "fire." Those are logical, as many people have those fears. Sharon should get points, though, for not getting into a spat with Ozzy over his slight.

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