7 pop punk love songs to add to your mix tape

These pop punk songs will make you feel the love.
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It's almost that time. It is the time of the year when love is everywhere: heart-shaped pizza, heart-shaped candy, and even heart-shaped biscuits. We'll look at some love or Valentine-themed songs in honor of the holiday. There's a whole list of more, but here are seven songs to get you feeling the love.

I have to start with "Valentine" for the first one by The Get Up Kids. It's in the name, so it feels right. This song is off the 1999 album titled Something to Write Home About. An album full of angst and troubles, there are still a few songs that could fall into this love-themed category. The song's title and lyrics say, "Will you be my Valentine." This one had to be chosen, and if you're looking for those words to speak to a crush, loop that part in the song. Maybe they'll understand.

It's not your typical love song, but if you know LOLO, this will be no surprise. The song "die without u" starts with the words "How you got a face so punchable, but at the same time so lovable?" She gets to the struggles of the loved one driving her crazy, but then, on the other hand, she can't live without them. If you're looking for a little different way to say I love you, but also, I don't like you sometimes. This is the song for you to include on your mixtape for them.

Pop punk songs to speak about love

The next pop-punk love song comes from a band that brought me through my younger years of heartache and lost love. Pop-punk legends New Found Glory and their song "Greatest of All Time." This song shows the side of that anxiousness of being vulnerable, wondering if your feelings are mutual. The bold statement professes a new love and team better than the '96 Chicago Bulls. Michael Jordan, undisputedly one of the greatest of all time, wouldn't even know what hit him. If that doesn't get the point across, what will?

Dan Campbell tends to be descriptive and paint a picture with his lyrics; because of this, he can make you feel something in his songs; whatever he is describing, your mind will follow his and send you to wherever or whatever he is talking about. “You in January” by The Wonder Years is no different. “I ran the dishwasher this morning. I wanted there to be clean plates for you tonight.” it just pushes the feeling to a new level. He is headed somewhere on a flight, and before he leaves, he is doing the little things that show his wife he loves her. This song is beautiful. With life choices and where you are at at the moment, it’s important to see what you did get right and those important people there for you and that love you.

"The Only Exception" by Paramore is excellent to hit you with the love feels. A little girl, a lot of the population can relate to, watching her parents’ love fall apart and swearing off love because we don’t believe in it until we find someone who makes us feel it. This song is perfect for that love mixtape for someone you can finally break down your walls for.

The Long Island Hardcore band, The Movielife, formed in 1997 and released music the last release through this era in 2003. Coming back from their side projects, they got back together for another record. On that record, mixed with the usual hardcore and pop punk they styled their music with, is a love song. “Pour Two Glasses” is an acoustic song about being gone and wishing to return to his love on those breaks from tour. Put this on your playlist and pour two glasses with your partner.

Chris Conley is well known for his heartbreak, emotional lyrics, and sometimes even a little danger in those lyrics, but it is a long way from those days. Saves the Day came out with almost a full love album when they released their self-titled record. From that record, though, we'll pick one: "Beyond All of Time." This song is a message to their partner explaining a little of their beginning and continuing their struggles and how he'll always continue his love. This song is the perfect closer for this or your playlist to that love that will last beyond all of time.

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