Three fantastic classic Prince songs to start begin your Sunday

Prince should already be on heavy rotation on the list you created on your favorite streaming service.

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Prince Rogers Nelson is a little known artist from Minneapolis, Minnesota, who put out a few albums in the early 1980s. (OK. I am clearly joking, but the last part of that is true, right? He just happened to put out a bunch more records after the early '80s.)

Long ago before the earth has completely cooled, there was debate about who was better: Prince or Michael Jackson? As it turns out, one was a decent person and the other liked spending time with kids that weren't his. Allegedly. And Prince wasn't the latter. Plus, Prince wrote, performed, played most of the instruments, and produced almost all his own music. So there's that part too.

But which OG Price songs should you be listening to on Sunday? Well, all of them, of course. But if you have to choose only three, here are some suggestions.

Three Prince songs to listen to right now (seriously, stop what you are doing and listen to them now)

"Sometimes It Snows in April" (1986)

"Sometimes..." is an exquisitely sad song but is impossibly beautiful. It was never released as a single during Prince's lifetime but still was a standout from the album Under the Cherry Moon. The track features Prince on vocals, Lisa Coleman on piano, and Wendy Melvoin on acoustic guitar. Lisa and Wendy also, of course, made up part of the Revolution which was Prince's early backing band.

While the lyrics specifically relate to Prince character from the movie with the same name as the album, the listener can apply the words to themselves however they want. If you've ever had a loss in your life, you will understand the song. Or if you simply appreciate perfectly crafted melancholy, this song is for you as well.

"777-9311" (1982)

This song is actually from The Time's album What Time Is It? You might remember The Time, or at least lead singer Morris Day, from the movie Purple Rain. Or you just know their music and most of it is very good. But what you might not know is that many early Time tracks are really just Prince with some Morris Day added for vocals. That's exactly the case on this song.

Prince wrote, produced, recorded (at his home studio), played the instruments on the tune, and added Day's vocals later. Prince even does some of the backing vocals as well. But the tune is just fun funk rock at its best. The bass line (which, of course, Prince plays) is thumping and the lead guitar is clear and effectual.

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"Purple Rain" (1984)

OK, I am not a complete idiot. If you are going to have a list of Prince songs, "Purple Rain" should be on it, right? It's not only among the best, if not the best, tune Prince produced, but it probably is one of the tracks that reflects just how well human beings can make music. This song is nearly 40 years old and still is as vibrant as the day it was recorded.

Want great lyrics with fantastic guitar playing and a heavy dose of slow jam soul? This is the song for you. Simply put, this is one of the greatest songs mankind has ever made.

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