The world is OK: Queens of the Stone Age announce release date of new album

Sergione Infuso - Corbis/GettyImages

The last time Queens of the Stone Age produced material was back in 2017. You remember that time so long ago, right? It was before a pandemic when the world was a somewhat more pleasant place, except for maybe government issues, etc. But you know what I mean, right?

There is something about QOTSA returning that makes the globe feel like a better place to be. Queens of the Stone Age's new album will be called "In Times New Roman..." and will be released June 16th by Matador Records. The album will include 10 songs, which honestly feels a bit short as it should be in the hundreds, but I digress.

The album was produced by the band (probably mostly Josh Homme who is really most of the band) and mixed by Mark Rankin. The band has already put out a single from the record, "Emotion Sickness," which sounds like most other Queens of the Stone Age music. Meaning, that's a good thing.

Queens of the Stone Age announce date for new album

QOTSA has always been a bit of an underrated band. It could be that while Homme is a large person - he is 6'4" - he isn't exactly one to get into drama. Sure, he's had his off-music thing in the news in relation to a custody battle of his children with Distillers founder Brody Dalle, but Homme has mostly created an atmosphere where people can focus on what the point of Queens of the Stone Age is. That is, of course, the music.

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But focusing on music is a good thing in general. It can elevate us from dark thoughts and black acts of the world and make everything seem OK. If I had a guess I would assume that the first people to create music had that in mind: "Hey, life sucks but I can make this sound and it seems to make people feel happier!" So, yeah, be excited about life because Queens of the Stone Age has a new album coming out and it will likely be very good.