'Radical Optimism' stuns the world with Dua Lipa's new sound

The pop star is at it again.
Cindy Ord/GettyImages

If you've listened to music in the past decade, you've likely heard of Dua Lipa. The pop music giant has over 24 billion Spotify streams across her first two albums, and she released her third LP on Friday.

This is an alternate step for her, as much of the nu-disco she's signature for is scrapped to make a psychedelic dance record. After her funky contribution to Barbie last year, she announced this altering of soundscape and the collaboration with artists such as Kevin Parker of Tame Impala, further signifying that this wasn't a light change.

"Houdini" came out shortly after as a single, and it seemed like this change had been handled well as Lipa's voice shone with electrifying guitars and powerful synths. The album opens with "End Of An Era" which sets a tone for a feel-good experience.

Dua Lipa's signature sound holds steady

Tracks like "Training Season" showcase Tame Impala's influence with their psychedelic undertones, while songs like "Whatcha Doing" and "Illusion" offer up breezy summer vibes. But despite the album's catchy hooks and beats, some parts fall short of the high bar set by Future Nostalgia.

While Lipa's intention to capture the essence of youth and optimism is evident throughout the album, there are moments where the songwriting feels lacking in depth and substance. Tracks like "Anything for Love" and "Falling Forever" have some convoluted production and lackluster lyrics.

This difference in quality makes me partially disinterested because I know how much more she has in her. Other songs like "French Exit" and "Whatcha Doing" still accomplish this though, exuding confidence and empowerment, while "These Walls" and "Happy For You" delve into the complexities of relationships.

Overall, "Radical Optimism" delivers a collection of fun and upbeat tracks that will undoubtedly keep fans dancing all summer long. While it may not reach the same heights as its predecessor, it solidifies Dua Lipa's position as a leading figure in contemporary pop music, showcasing her ability to craft infectious hits that resonate with audiences worldwide.

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