Ranking 2024 Rock Hall nominees by levels of worthiness

Who should and should not get inducted into the Rock Hall in 2024.
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The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Foundation has announced its nominees for 2024 induction. The list includes 15 nominees from all kinds of genres and subgenres. Are all of them rock stars? Of course, not! The Rock Hall has long lost track of what the difference is between pop and rock.

The finalists will be named in April and the ceremony to induct them will take place at some point in the fall in Cleveland, Ohio, the home of the Rock Hall museum. If you have not been there, the building is very interesting to look at and right on Lake Erie. Just go in the summer when the weather is better.

The induction ceremony will stream for the second straight year on Disney+ and then air on ABC at some later date. The Rock Hall is not exactly great at working out specific details ahead of time. You think being more so would help them grow their brand. But which 2024 nominees should actually get inducted? Here are a few opinions beginning with those who should definitely not be inducted.

Who should be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2024?

Level: Turn my back on you

  • Lenny Kravitz
  • Sade
  • Cher
  • Dave Matthews Band

The shame here is that I really like Kravitz and the Dave Matthews Band. I don't dislike Sade and how can one not respect Cher. As far as the last two musical artists mentioned, I simply do not think Sade has had a great impression on musical artists moving forward to fit the "pioneer" model of being an influencer, and her music certainly is not rock.

Cher is an icon but is much more pop than rock. One could argue her influence on other bands over the years, but possibly more in the duo of Sonny and Cher. The issue there is that the duo has not been nominated so while would the singular artist be inducted?

Kravitz is more fashion icon but has not had a musical career worthy of being with immortals. He is a great entertainer, but one of the best ever? No. The same could be said of Dave Matthews who stopped being as important part of the music scene as he was in the 1990s and this seems intentional. And good for him for doing so.