Nobody does it better: Ranking all James Bond theme songs

Over 60 years of films and over 60 years of terrific theme songs.
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Exceptional Bond songs

11. “You Know My Name” – Chris Cornell

A rather polarizing Bond song – this track served as the choice for the first film featuring Daniel Craig in the titular role. Filled with crunchy, distorted guitars and the soulful growls of Chris Cornell (both unusual choices for Bond songs), “You Know My Name” does well to separate itself from all other Bond songs that came before it.

10. “The Man With The Golden Gun” – Lulu

Terrific trumpet triplets lead into an extremely catchy Bond song by Lulu. While a little bit cheesy, the song is a true earworm with solid lyrics that summarize the entire film’s plot.

9. “All Time High” – Rita Coolidge

An easy-listening Bond ballad in the top 10?! Believe it. In the same vein as Carly Simon’s Nobody Does It Better (don’t worry, it’s coming), Rita Coolidge’s “All Time High” is a rather unusual choice for a Bond theme song. Despite this, it’s a nice early 80s ballad with a winning hook and clean, round drum tones.

8. “Goldeneye” – Tina Turner

This Bono and The Edge-penned track was a solid choice for the first Bond film to feature Pierce Brosnan as 007. Clunky lyrics and dated production hold it back slightly, but Tina Turner’s soulful performances pull it into the Top 10.