Ranking the ten best Super Bowl halftime shows ever

These are the best that the Super Bowl has offered music fans so far.
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Best Super Bowl halftimes - 8 through 6

No. 8 - Rihanna (2023 - Super Bowl LVII)

Rihanna decided to make her concert comeback at the Super Bowl halftime and it was a wise choice. She had not performed anywhere in five years, but one would not have known it. She was in complete control of her performance and the crowd. Her best song might have been "Diamonds" which was highlighted by fireworks. Magical.

No. 7 - Lady Gaga (2017 - Super Bowl LI)

Lady Gaga in all her perfect spaciness landed at Super Bowl halftime and was a non-stop go-go. There is one thing that is inarguably true about the performing and that is that she knows how to entertain. She went full solo on stage as well, except for her acolytes, of course. No Beyonce on "Telephone" but Queen Bee was not needed; Gaga pulled the song off all by herself. Perhaps Gaga's best moment was "Born This Way" which sounded aggressively radical and overly positive. Magnificent.

No. 6 - Beyonce (2013 - Super Bowl XLVII)

Speaking of Queen Bee, the Superdome just seemed to be the perfect place for her to perform. She has the right vibe for New Orleans but knows how to get all the suit and ties who got tickets from their corporations up and moving. "Crazy in Love," "Independent Women," "Baby Boy"? All winners. But "Halo" was the highlight as it would be for most human beings.