Rejoice!: New rock/metal tours announced in the last week

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If you love music then you probably truly love live music. A band should always be better in concert than they are on the albums, right? You get the essence of what the musical artist is truly about that way.

And, please. Don't let your favorite musical artist lip-sync to whatever they are signing. If they do, they are stealing your money when you go to their gigs.

The following three bands are guaranteed good times at shows, however. One band might be expensive, but another maybe not so much. You can decided how to spend your money, of course.

Three bands that you likely love are hitting the road

Fall Out Boy

The emo wizards have announced they are going out on the road with Jimmy Eat World early in 2024. Say what you will about Pete Wentz and the boys but they are super entertaining on stage. Maybe some of their tracks are glammy emptiness (and I say that as a fan of glam), but they put on a good show.

Fall Out Boy and Jimmy Eat World begin their string of gigs in Portland, Oregon on February 28 and finished in Minneapolis on April 6. If you live anywhere in the United States, Fall Out Boy and Jimmy Eat World will probably be touring near you. They are worth the price of the tickets (unless you go alone - nothing wrong with that - and then I would say ticket.)


Your new favorite progressive death metal band, Kallias is out on the road supporting their first album, First Ascent. Sort of. They played some dates in late August, but are doing headlining stuff in late November and early December. All of the dates are in the northeast of the United States, though.

Are you a fan? Great. They are excellent. But you will have to travel to watch them.

Pop Evil

Your favorite band from Michigan who has been around long enough to drink (they released their first record in 2001) is hitting the road and traveling to some small cities. Johnson City, TN? Weird. They will probably be forced to play a cover of "Wagon Wheel" (and that's only half-joking.)

If you live in Ohio, you will probably have your best chance of seeing Pop Evil. They hit each of the main cities along I-71. Just hitchhike around that roadway and see the band three times.

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