The ridiculous case of Motionless in White and the dog in the pit

The band recently played a hometown gig and one dumb fan brought their dog to the show.
Joey Foley/GettyImages

Here's a tip, kids. If you are thinking of going to a concert, don't bring your pets. There are several reasons for this, of course. One is that your pet likely has a lot better hearing than you do, and you probably won't put earplugs in your pets ears, right? Well, at a recent Motionless in White concert, one dumb fan brought his dog to the show and then the fan brought the dog into the mosh pit.

There are several things to unpack here. Most of the important bits revolve around the health of the dog, and the uncaring owner the dog has, of course. Damaging the dog's hearing is likely, but bring the canine into the mosh pit also could have seriously injured the dog. Thankfully, that dodn't happen, but the hearing loss might have.

The band didn't seem to notice the dog at first. My hope would be they would have stopped the show and had the dog and owner removed. Motionless in White drummer, Vinny Mauro, did happen see the dog and tweeted about that afterwards, but more on that in a minute.

Motionless in White should have kicked owner of dog out of their show

First, how does a dog even get allowed into the gig? Did the owner lie about needing the dog to see? That seems pretty ridiculous, so while the owner shouldn't be allowed to have his dog anymore - and he should possibly be arrested for endangering the animal - the place the show took place (The Pavilion at Montage Mountain) also should be held accountable.

There are a few videos you can find online of the dog at the show. The canine clearly appears stressed, and this won't endear dog lovers to whomever owns the animal.

But if Vinny Mauro saw the dog while playing drums then clearly the rest of the member of Motionless in White should have seen the dog too, right? The band should have stopped the gig temporarily if that was the case.

I have seen Motionless in White. They are excellent live. But they are also very loud as a band that plays metalcore should be. And very likely a dog being that close to the stage would have not had the best hearing the next day. Hopefully, the dog has a new owner already.

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