Three rock and metal tours not to be missed this fall

Several bands have announced new dates for their fall tours.

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The summer is winding down in the northern hemisphere so that means it's almost time to put your coats on and go see some concerts in the cold! Oh, who am I kidding? Due to global warming, the cold doesn't really happen as quickly anymore. Still, the fall is a great time for seeing some excellent rock and metal tours, such as GWAR, Poison Ruïn, and Fear Factory.

Below is how to see the three bands. And well, why you should see them. Plus, most of the shows should be fairly affordable.

Of course, there are still lots of other musical artists on tour you should see. Depeche Mode, Tool, even Taylor Swift (in Europe!) are must-see. And if you haven't seen KISS, do it! But here are three tours you also must see.

Three bands to check out this fall


Take off the month of October and follow GWAR around. I promise that it will be worth it. The band's song are better than average, if not exactly life-changing, but their live shows might actually change the way you want to see bands do gigs. They are ridiculously entertaining. And no, there are no holds that will be barred.

GWAR has been around for almost 40 years and their music has been called anything from thrash to punk. The great thing is they blend all their metal genres together throughout the show and it's guaranteed fun. In other words, exactly what going to a concert should be. GWAR's announced dates run from now through October 30th.

Poison Ruïn

Poison Ruïn started producing punk records in 2020, but seeing them live is what you need to do. There is nothing wrong with listening to them while driving around the neighborhood. But where you need to be driving is to their next gig.

The band mixes critiques of modern life with medieval symbolism and turns out music that is as great as you would expect. They released their latest excellent full-length album, Harvest, in April. Their fall tour dates currently run from September 3rd through October 8th.

Fear Factory

Like GWAR, Fear Factory has been around for quite a long time. The band started in the late 1980s in Los Angeles, California, and has gone through a number of members and changed their vocalist. But the band has always been rooted in the skills and vision of guitarist Dino Cazares.

The band fuses nu metal with industrial metal, but the bottom line is volume. Wear your earplugs when you go see the band between September 17th through October 24th in the US and from October 27th through December 16th in Europe. Or don't wear earplugs. They are your ears.

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