Six incredibly underrated shoegaze albums

Some great melodies and guitar buzz are to be found.
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The Boo Radleys - Giant Steps

Another great band from the initial shoegaze craze (that is coming back on the scene), is just another sign that this genre is at one of its heights at the moment.

The Boo Radleys are now rightfully considered one of the stalwarts of the genre. At the time this album was released (1993), some highbrows were raised because a shoegaze band picked up a title for their album from John Coltrane’s legendary jazz one. It made no difference since this album stands as one of shoegaze's high points so far with its guitar-dominated melodies.

The Lilys - Eccsame the Photon Band

While The Lilys are considered musical chameleons as they shifted their musical style during their career, their best records are firmly rooted in shoegaze. This album from 1994 tops the list of their achievements.

While some critics thought that the influence of My Bloody Valentine is a bit overwhelming here, it should be said that Kurt Heasley and his band have essentially come up with a thorough digest of what shoegaze sound was at its initial prime. Some exquisite melodies here just conform to Heasley’s case here.

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