Six psychedelic rock albums that deserve more love

Disgraced, abandoned, forgotten...
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The Rolling Stones - Their Satanic Majesties Request

By the time The Rolling Stones released this album, they were already worldwide stars, so, at the time (late 1967), it was no problem for this album to reach the charts in so many countries.

Yet, the album in many respects didn’t fit what The Stones did with their music before and after it. In many ways, it stuck out as a sore thumb in their recorded cannon, coming also at the time when there was internal strife within the band between Brian Jones on one side and the rest of the band on the other. That strife didn’t end well as Jones was dismissed from the band in 1969, with his tragic death the same year.

Later on, talking about the album, both Mick Jagger and Keith Richards expressed their dislike of this album, often ranking it low among all they have recorded.

Still, at the time the album was recorded, it seems that reigns were almost fully in the hands of Jones, who along with the rest of the band was able to create a serious psych-rock masterpiece, with all the best elements psych rock had to offer at the time.