Six psychedelic rock albums that deserve more love

Disgraced, abandoned, forgotten...
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Prince - Around The World In A Day

Back in 1985, immediately upon its release, Around The World In A Day was a commercial success. It was the effect of the huge success Prince had with Purple Rain, his previous album (probably one of his best).

Still, coming after such an artistic, critical, and commercial success the enthusiasm for the album quickly faded away, both with the fans and the critics. Not that the album didn’t have hit singles ("Raspberry Beret") or that the songwriting or its presentations were below par. It was just simply different from what Prince had done up to that moment.

What it did present is the fact that Prince was at his full songwriting force, that he was an artist who could work within any musical genre imaginable, and that he had actually covered both the essence and the spirit of psych rock with the nine songs on the album.

Around The World In A Day is one of those albums that has that almost timeless feel - it sounds like it could have been recorded in the late sixties, in the mid-eighties (when it was), or yesterday. It just begs both critical and audience re-evaluation it deserves.

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