Slipknot needs better direction in how to fire members of the band

Slipknot has terminated two members in 2023.
Medios y Media/GettyImages

What must it be like to be in the band Slipknot right now? There are usually nine total members, though the names of the members have changed some this year as the band has fired two members. In June, the band split with keyboardist Craig Jones. And in November, the band fired drummer Jay Weinberg. Clearly, something is happening within the band to force changes.

The move from Jones came before a run of European shows. Weinberg got a call about his termination earlier this month - he said he was "blindsided" by the call - when the band was not touring. Both changes come after Slipknot's 2022 album The End, So Far which had a few great tracks but was not cohesive. Almost as if there were too many chefs in the heavy metal kitchen.

Slipknot and every other band has a right to make member changes, of course. Fans have no say in who stays or leaves or how much music a group will produce. One might wonder if Slipknot will ever record another album as they only put out records every few years anyway and singer Corey Taylor seems interested in his solo career right now.

Slipknot might need to question their management's decisions

But band's do owe fans a bit more clarity or surety when announcing changes have been made. After all, fans are who buy the records, merchandise, and concert tickets that allow bands and reocrd companies to earn a living. Bands at the level of Slipknot do not exist without a bunch of fans.

The music of Slipknot is aggressive and sure, but their announcements seem as though they are coming from children. The band stated on Instagram about the decision to move on from Jones and then the group deleted the post. They did the same thing with the Weinberg announcement. If the members are gone, they are gone.

If a band or whoever is posting their bits on the official website or social media sites isn't clear about the message, don't create a post of such importance. To then delete the post just makes the band look silly.

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