Songs to get you ready for the 2024 NASCAR season

These songs will get you ready for all the left turns.
Andrew Nelles / The Tennessean / USA

The NASCAR season will begin its 76th year on February 4th with the Busch Light Clash at the Coliseum which will take place inside the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum. This will be a high-energy exhibition race that will feature tight racing, short runs, and a lot of turning.

Left turns to be specific, which brings up our first song. This is the best one to get you hyped for racing. I first heard this song in the game NASCAR Heat 3, these games and my style of music don’t really line up, but they did here with the song “Left Turn” by Cody Hicks.

The song tells the story through the lens of the racer. Kicking off the first line about being away from the lead, because of a wreck that happened. The whole song sends a message using racing as a metaphor for pouring everything you have into a passion. Putting yourself through so much heartache and pain, just so you can go out and do it again. Doing it all yourself and not having to answer to or owe anyone. Not only can this song get you pumped about the racing season start but apply it to your own life and persevere. I love this song, and this goes top of the list of racing-themed songs.

Get ready for the NASCAR season with these songs

One of the biggest races of the year, both in terms of popularity and track length, is Talladega. “Talladega" by Eric Church is another one that fits the theme and is a great song but it also has that other level message in it that is great. Anyone who has had a road trip with friends anywhere or just having the people you love with you as you head to a destination you love or doing something you love.

Talladega is more than just the race for these guys. Talladega is a moment in time when they can stop before the rest of their lives take over and break friendships, bring hardships, and just other things that get in the way. Church reflects at the end of the song stating that’s where his mind is. It’s a comfort, everyone has their own Talladega. This song makes a second spot on the list, because Talladega is one of the biggest races of the year and because this is one of the better songs by Eric Church and can’t have a racing playlist without this song.

February 18, 2001, I remember watching this race as a kid with my parents as tragedy struck at the Daytona 500 and the world. On the final turn on the final lap of this race, contact was made and caused Dale Earnhardt to hit the wall and lose his life. Because of this, I think I’d be breaking some sort of code or sin if I made a NASCAR-themed playlist and did not include a song about the late, great Dale Earnhardt.

So, we’re going to include two here. “The Intimidator” by Charlie Daniels band and “Intimidator” by Drivin’ Sideways. Both songs go straight to the point with nothing really below the surface to interpret. In Charlie Daniels’ song, he puts you right in the car with Dale as you’re racing Talladega, Jeff Gordon has the lead, but as the song goes, “here comes number 3”. Toward the end of the song, we’re back in the car, but this time we look back and here comes number 8, Dale Jr. An honor to the Earnhardt name and continuing the legacy here.

On Drivin’ Sideways’ song, they allude to the same things about family tradition and don’t get comfortable because Dale or his son are making their way to you. A song full of accomplishments Dale Sr. was able to accomplish and celebrates the career and life of NASCAR’s biggest legend.

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