Music news: Sufjan Stevens' big announcement, Gal Gadot for Margot Robbie

Stevens announces a new album (here's what we know) and Margot Robbie almost wasn't Barbie (what?)
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For all you Sufjan Stevens fans, and I know there are a bunch of you (heck, us!), you're about to get some really good news. The last album that was truly a Stevens solo effort was 2015's Carrie & Lowell. He did have that odd 2020 LP, The Ascension, but that wasn't really the kind Sufjan Stevens album that we have come to know and love. The Ascension was more of an experiment in sound than a linear record.

Stevens' new record, Javelin, appears to be more like the traditional Stevens sound that the world needs. No one writes such achingly beautiful melodies with such unique lyrics as Stevens. He creates an easy sound to listen to, though the themes of his music aren't always for mass consumption.

Stevens has a way of making completely personal albums, and he is amazingly honest about what he thinks and feels. He is a refreshing musical artist. That is why any information about a potential new record is exciting.

Sufjan Stevens has an announcement, and Margot Robbie almost wasn't

From what we know so far, Javelin will have 10 tracks and will be released through Asthmatic Kitty Records on October 6th. The first single has also been released. Here's what it sounds like.

As far as Margot Robbie goes, she is a huge Slipknot fan. OK, see! I tied Margot Robbie into this article. Rather weakly but still, it's something.

But it seems as if Robbie wasn't the first choice to play Barbie in the film, well..."Barbie." Turns out that director Greta Gerwig and Robbie herself wanted Gal Gadot to play the role. Robbie would still have been involved as she is a producer on the film as well. But Gadot couldn't take the part because she was too busy making films such as "Snow White" and "Cleopatra."

"Snow White" is scheduled to hit theaters on March 22, 2024. Obviously, the film will be a hit (it's Disney, so...). But will the movie make as much as "Barnie"? Doubtful.

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