3 best songs for sitting by the fire pit in summer

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It's summer, y'all! It's time to get out on the beaches and bask in the sun while the kids play in the waves and you sit back in your chair and drink your fruity drinks. Also, go for the white wine and not the red wine this time of year. You'll feel even hotter with the red stuff (though I prefer reds, thanks for asking).

But maybe you can't make it to the beach this summer - or simply don't want to - and instead you or a friend likes having a late evening fire in their back yard. Or maybe the back yard of someone who has gone north for the summer and don't know you are using their land for fire pits or bonfires. Word of warning: Just try not to burn their house down.

Anyway, my point in all this is whether you are lounging on the beach or the back yard of someone, you need something to listen to that matches the season. I mean, black metal is awesome but might not feel summery. What does? The three songs that follow.

Three best songs to listen to while relaxing in the summer

Best summer song No. 3: Mama Africa - Peter Tosh

The Wailers are just good music. Peter Tosh was part of that group. In fact, among "number 2s" of bands, like Dave Grohl was the number 2 in Nirvana to Kurt Cobain's number 1, Tosh might be among the top five ever. The Wailers consisted mostly of Bob Marley, Tosh, and Bunny Livingston and are must-listen to music.

Tosh has a bunch of great music as a solo artist too, like the entire album of Legalize It. Mama Africa is also an amazing album and this song is the first track on the record. Want happy sounds to mimic the happy vibe of being on the beach or fire pit, it's hard to beat this tune.

Not only does reggae lend itself to a positive feeling, but Mama Africa has Tosh celebrating life and the continent of Africa. Plus, the backup singers seem full of joy. Just sit back, relax, and let the music take where you want to go.