Every Taylor Swift album ranked from worst to first

All ten of Taylor Swift's albums ranked

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In 2006, at just 16 years old, Taylor Allison Swift would release her first of the ten and counting studio albums. This launched a tremendous career and started her rise to becoming a significant force in music and pop culture and one of the most well-known names around the world.

She started at such a young age that her life has been displayed visually and through our stereos, documenting most of her life. Who she’s dating, who the next song or album will be about, everything about her. The world has been dying to know each move she makes and each step that she takes. Each of these albums tells a story about that point in her life, that era of her growing up.

No one can deny the amount of influence she has had and the depths of loyalty her fans have for her. She’s taken on the music industry like no one could. She creates these Easter eggs for her fans to look out for. She adores her fans; Each story or album tells a new tale for Taylor, and though that story can be different, they also bring different music styles as they come along.

Every Taylor Swift album ranked

Fans have related to each of these releases and the songs differently, but which is the best? Ranking Taylor Swift’s albums from worst to first. I say this first. Sometimes, last place isn’t a good spot, but when it’s your ranking as a Taylor Swift album, that’s still impressive.

10. Evermore

Again, Taylor hasn't made a bad album. Evermore has to go to number 10, though. Some notable songs from this release are "Champaign Problems", "Willow", and "No Body No Crime". These songs make up a solid list; the album, for me though, isn't quite up to the rest of them. It's hard to reach the top when you have ten albums out, and Taylor Swift did them all. The more Indie Folk-style albums she really nailed. Not many artists can jump through different genres and produce anything good, let alone with the success and the embrace from the fans that she has.