Every Taylor Swift album ranked from worst to first

All ten of Taylor Swift's albums ranked
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9. Folklore

The first Covid album. I loved Taylor stepping into a different genre and creating something outside of anything she had ever done, but it didn't hit the same way the others had. Even at number 9, it still won the Grammy Award for Album of the Year; this made her the first woman to win this award three times! Folklore carries some solid hits for its track listing: "Cardigan", "Betty", "August", "The 1", and "The Last Great American Dynasty". After this album, I'm convinced she could do anything in any style.

8. Midnights

The tenth studio album, released on October 21, 2022, was titled Midnights. This album transitioned a sound back to the pop, synth pop sort of style that Taylor had been writing in. "Anti-Hero", "Lavender Haze", "You're on Your Own Kid", and "Karma" are some hits off this record. Midnights earned three different Grammy Awards: Album of The Year, Best Pop Vocal Album, and Producer of the Year. Although this is an excellent piece of work, it couldn't reasonably contend with the other works of Taylor, so Midnights gets the rank of 8.

7. Speak Now

When I started making this list, I knew what my top two and bottom picks would be and just had to think about the order. Other than that, the rest of the albums I knew would fill up the rest, and it was a toss-up on what order they went. It seems ridiculous to be typing this now and think I'm doing Speak Now, which is number 7.

"Mine", "Sparks Fly", "Back to December", "Mean", "The Story of Us", and "Enchanted" are some of the great songs on this jam-packed album. Released on October 25, 2010, this was the third studio album from Swift. This release was more like the previous two albums, included quite a bit of country elements to the music, and was really on brand for her at the time. Another wave of Taylor Swift's music that spoke directly to a generation and started to build her cult following even more.