Every Taylor Swift album ranked from worst to first

All ten of Taylor Swift's albums ranked

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4. Red

Released on October 22, 2012, we got the fourth studio album and fourth-ranked Taylor Swift album, Red. This one was the start of a transition, with more pop anthem-type songs and songs that brought different elements than her more country-driven ones from previous albums, but not the full-on pop that would come to be.

The songs boasted from this record include "22", "I Knew You Were Trouble", "We Are Never Getting Back Together", "Everything Has Changed", and my favorite and a lot of people's favorites, the emotional ballad "All Too Well". A pivotal album in Taylor's career, this was only beaten by three other albums.

3. 1989

The year is 2014, and I hear the song "Blank Space" for the first time; my radio doesn't go loud enough for this. I was instantly hooked; this was golden. It might still be my favorite, but that's not the only great song from this one. "Style", "Shake it Off", "Bad Blood", "Wildest Dreams", and "Out of the Woods" also came from this album.

Red was the catapult further into the pop scene, leaving her country roots behind. It's another front-to-back record that will always hold up. This record documents another point in Taylor's life with transition musically and life as she journals her transition to New York.