Every Taylor Swift album ranked from worst to first

All ten of Taylor Swift's albums ranked
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2. Reputation

Big reputation, big reputation. This one was hard not to go to first, but it just couldn’t make it. I love this album because of what it means as a whole. Sure, this one has plenty of jams, including "End Game" and "I Did Something Bad."

This one just had an edge to it, and watching her go through everything she did and come out with this after that, making a statement with it, showing you won’t mess with her and keep her down. "Look What You Made Me Do"; look what you made her do! Being an already Swiftie, I loved that she brought it and fought back. Some more great songs on this one include "Gorgeous", "Call It What You Want", "…Ready for It", and my favorite from the album, "Getaway Car."

1. Fearless

Ranking Taylor’s albums is a tricky thing to do because they’re all fantastic. I had to give this one the number-one spot, though. This album was her follow-up to her successful start.

Second albums mean so much and make a big difference for an artist. Because she came out with this next, an album that is front to back, don’t you dare skip, speaks even higher of her abilities. Fearless won Album of the Year, and until Billie Elish broke that record, Taylor was the youngest artist to win the Grammy for Album of the Year—a record she held from 2010 to 2020.

The hits on this record include "Fearless", "Fifteen", "Love Story", "White Horse", "You Belong with Me", and "Breathe"; some of the best songs she has ever written were on this one. That is why the number one, best Taylor Swift album is Fearless. Go put on "White Horse" and cry along with the teenage heartbreak until the new record comes out. Could that maybe top this one?

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