Taylor Swift banned! At least for a few days in Philadelphia

Swift's boyfriend Travis Kelce's KC Chiefs play in Philadelphia on Monday.
Johnny Nunez/GettyImages

If you like listening to Q102 in Philadelphia and you are really hoping to hear some Taylor Swift tunes on the station, you are out of luck. The station has decided to ban the pop queen this weekend and won't play any Swift songs through at least Tuesday. The reason is, the station announced, that they would rather support the hometown Philadelphia Eagles than Taylor Swift's boyfriend Travis Kelce's Kansas City Chiefs.

The Chiefs play the Eagles on Monday Night Football. The matchup features two of the NFL's best teams. Plus, Jason Kelce plays for the Eagles while his brother, Travis, is a tight end with the Chiefs. To make things stranger, Swift is from Pennsylvania originally.

Of course, Q102 not playing Taylor Swift songs is their decision, but that seems foolish. Playing Swift isn't going to jinx the Eagles nor is it going to be thoughts of "if Swift likes the Chiefs then maybe I should too" in the minds of young football fans. And as Swift is likely the most listened-to musical artist on Q102, the radio station is making a bad business decision by not playing her music.

Taylor Swift gets kicked to the curb on one Philadelphia radio station

I also get the silliness to a degree of not playing Taylor Swift but for other days than Monday? What is the point of that? Since music is so easily streamed nowadays, maybe a person who would normally listen to Q102 simply finds a streaming service, likes what they hear, and never tunes back into the radio station.

There is no word if Taylor Swift will show up in Philadelphia to watch the game, but that seems unlikely. Swift unfortunately had to postpone her concert in Rio from Saturday to Monday due to extreme heat. The heat sadly caused one person to pass away from the temperatures while waiting for Taylor Swift's show on Friday.

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