Taylor Swift has good odds to be at Super Bowl LVIII to watch the Kansas City Chiefs

Swift is expected to be in attendance when the Kansas City Chiefs play the San Francisco 49ers in Super Bowl LVIII.
Patrick Smith/GettyImages

The Kansas City Chiefs have once again made the Super Bowl. The difference between this NFL season and previous editions is that Taylor Swift is now indirectly involved. Swift is, of course, dating Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce. That relationship started at some point during 2023 so after the last football season and before or during this season.

The Super Bowl is two weeks away. Taylor Swift will not be involved in performing during the big game, but will she show up to watch Kelce and the Chiefs as she has done for many games during the season including Kansas City's victory over the Baltimore Ravens in the AFC Championship game? While oddsmakers still seem to be weighing whether Swift will show up at the Super Bowl or not, it is likely she will.

Taylor Swift has four concerts scheduled in Japan in the week ahead of Super Bowl LVIII. The last of these is on Saturday, the day before the Super Bowl. There is a 17-hour time difference between Tokyo, Japan (where Swift will play all four of her concerts) and Las Vegas, Nevada, where the Super Bowl will be held. Swift might be extremely jet-lagged for the game, but she certainly will have enough time to make it.

What are the chances Taylor Swift will be at Super Bowl LVIII?

Even with connecting flights, a flight from Tokyo to Las Vegas can take about 14 hours. Taylor Swift is not going to have to take a connecting flight, though. She will take a direct route and, unless there are issues at the airport or the plane itself - don't worry, that is extremely unlikely - Swift will be in Las Vegas in plenty of time.

Plus, her Japan gigs work out well for Travis Kelce and the Kansas City Chiefs as the team and Kelce would want him to focus on preparation for the Super Bowl instead of hanging out with his superstar girlfriend. Swift's next concert after the Japan dates is not until the Friday after the Super Bowl - the Super Bowl is on February 11 and Swift's next concert is on February 16 - so there will not be any issues there, either. Basically, football fans should get used to seeing Taylor Swift on the TV screens a lot during the Super Bowl.

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