Taylor Swift learned some of what she knows from Dita Von Teese

Swift wanted to do a new trick for a video and she went to a master to learn how.
Lionel Hahn/GettyImages

Taylor Swift does not mind asking questions. That is smart as that is how one learns, right? One makes mistakes and learns from them and one thing that helps is the get new information from people who know more. Swift didn't just get lucky to become CNN's 2023 Businessperson of the Year; over her career, she has sought people out to learn how to improve in different facets.

So it should come as no surprise that when Taylor Swift wanted to know how to do a bit of a burlesque show in her video for her song "Bejeweled," she did not just go to some random dancer. She wanted to gather information from one of the masters of the genre, Dita Von Teese. Von Teese not only showed Swift her moves, Swift put Von Teese in the video as well.

On a recent episode of the Allison Interviews podcast, Von Teese was asked about her some of her favorite pupils were in showing them how to do Von Teese's routine. Without hesitation, Von Teese answered by saying, "The best experience was Taylor. She’s really, like, a kind girl. She knew everything about what I do."

Taylor Swift learns burlesque from Dita Von Teese

So in a way, Taylor Swift kind of teaches us all a lesson in learning from Von Teese. When we want to learn something from someone, we should not just show up to that person's home or office and say, "Teach me." We need to do some of the leg work (pardon the pun in the case of the "Bejeweled" video) and be ready to learn.

"Bejeweled" was a track off of Swift's Midnights album. The song peaked at No. 6 on the Billboard Hot 100. While maybe not Swift's best song, the video is pretty fun.

Swift and Von Teese share a scene where they both end up in martini glasses. They both look like they are having fun. Let's just hope the experience of Swift learning from Von Teese and Von Teese teaching Swift was just as fun.

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