Taylor Swift and her loneliness might be about to give us real art

Swift once lived with Joe Alwyn but was not happy for some of that time.
Graham Denholm/TAS24/GettyImages

Joe Alwyn is probably going to hear a lot of bad stuff about him on Taylor Swift's new album, The Tortured Poets Department. This is not meant to say Alwyn is a bad guy - I do not know him - but that also does not mean Swifties are going to think he is OK. When the queen speaks, her people listen closely.

During her run of concerts in Melbourne Australia last week, Swift mentioned how during the pandemic she was a "ghostly Victorian Lady" who had been a "lonely millennial woman covered in cat hair, drinking my weight in white wine." This is not good for Alwyn with whom Swift lived during the global crisis. While Taylor did not mention Alwyn by name, Swift's personal life is so publicly known that her speaking of loneliness at a time when she lived with Alwyn means she felt lonely while living with him.

No offense to Alwyn, but that Swift would bring up the situation at all likely means a lot of tracks on her new album are going to be of that era in her life. A glowing review of what kind of boyfriend Alwyn was should not be anticipated.

Taylor Swift might have teased what her new album will be about

Swift and Alwyn, an English actor who helped co-write some songs from Swift's album, Folklore, split in April of 2023. Later in the year, Swift would begin dating Kansas City Chiefs star Travis Kelce. Kelce and Swift's relationship has been quite public as his team was on its way toward winning another Super Bowl and she was present at so many of the games. They do appear to be a happy couple, however.

Swift did not have the greatest of weeks, though. A 16-year-old fan died in a car crash on her way to seeing Swift perform in Melbourne. Meanwhile, there was a shooting near the end of the Chiefs' victory parade in Kansas City. Kelce was at the parade, of course, but Swift appears to have not been. She donated $100,000 to the family of Lisa Lopez-Galvan, the woman who was killed during the shooting.

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