Taylor Swift sweeps away Elvis Presley and gets a midnight kiss

Swift seems to break new records each week.
Kevin Mazur/GettyImages

When Taylor Swift is not going to football games to watch her beloved Kansas City Chiefs, she has a bit of a music career as well. Maybe you have even heard of a few of her snappy songs. They are catchy, and her albums seem to sell pretty well.

OK, clearly, I am joking a bit as we all know Taylor Swift sells a ridiculous amount of albums - a reported 114 million units so far in her career which happens to be closing in on the number AC/DC have sold in a career that has last three decades longer than Swift's so far. But this week she even pushed Elvis Presley out of the top spot in an important category. At least for solo artists that is.

Prior to Swift's release of 1989 (Taylor's Version) in late 2023, Elvis Presley had held to record for most total weeks with a No. 1 album atop the Billboard music charts for a solo artist. After 1989 (Taylor's Version), Swift now holds the mark with 68 weeks at No. 1. This is not for one certain album, of course, but cumulatively over her career.

Taylor Swift breaks a record held by Elvis Presley

Both Swift and Presley's number of weeks at No. 1 pales in comparison to the Beatles who hold the all-time record for all musical artists with 132 weeks atop the album charts. Of course, Taylor Swift is only 34 years old and has (hopefully) many years left to keep putting out music. Maybe she even catches the Beatles eventually.

But what did Taylor Swift do on New Year's Eve, you ask? Well, I happen to know that information because of the interwebs. As things turn out, unsurprisingly Swift spent the evening with her boyfriend, Travis Kelce of the Chiefs. After Swift watched the Chiefs beat the Cincinnati Bengals, Kelce and Swift went to a club and shared a midnight kiss (with many other people doing the same thing).

Let's hope for Taylor Swift (and Travis Kelce's too, I imagine), they are doing the same thing next year. But for the rest of us, maybe Taylor Swift has put out a few albums by then.

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