Three songs to start off your Sunday including Taylor Swift

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If you are looking for a day to get to be laid back, and enjoy the soothing sounds of Taylor Swift and others, we have three songs for you to start your Sunday off right. Or maybe you are having a burnt toast Sunday. Well, that's no good.

But what is good are the three songs that follow. Heck, even if it wasn't a Sunday these songs were be grand. Still, it is Sunday? And every week has a Sunday so enjoy this list every seven days.

One of the songs that follows doesn't actually have "Sunday" in the title so maybe I am cheating, but not much. It's still very reflective of a Sunday morning, at least. So without further to do, this is what you should be listening to right now (it's Sunday!).

A Taylor Swift song among those you should be listening to this Sunday

Morrissey - "Every Day is Like Sunday"

This sounds has a slower pace and a brilliant chorus so it feels uplifting even if it is classic Morrissey. These lyrics are near-perfect: "Hide on the promenade, etch a postcard/How I dearly wish I was not here/In the seaside town/That they forgot to bomb/Come, come, come, nuclear bomb." Maybe not happy but somehow Morrissey's vocal style seems ironically hopeful.

Play this song first among this list. It'll get the mind right. And it will get your kids asking questions.

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U2 - "Sunday Bloody Sunday"

Taking it up a notch here. U2's "Sunday Bloody Sunday" isn't just a more sonically intense song than Morrissey's, it's also about a tragic day in Irish-English history. But it's important not to forget the past.

The great thing about what U2 did with this song is make is incredible to listen to but poignant at the same time. Few bands have the talent to communicate directly with the listener as U2 does, and the entire album album of War, which this song is from, is perfect. This is a reflective song, but that's partly what Sunday's are about.

Taylor Swift - "You Are in Love"

Every day is a good day for T Swift, right? But this song, if taken bold-face from the lyrics, is a song about the pure bliss of finding love. That's what you want to do on a Sunday, isn't it?

Next. Three albums from the '80s you shouldn't live without. Three albums from the '80s you shouldn't live without. dark

Or let me go one step further. You want to be making breakfast for the person you love without telling them you are doing so. It's a Sunday. It's a time for hopefulness.